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Location:California, United States of America
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[exclusive blinkie made for me by BamaGal. DO NOT STEAL!!]

this is the fic LJ for sio. here you will find past and present fanfics, RPG posts, recommended readings, and other fannish musings. if you're looking for a certain fandom or pairing in particular, please check my tags list. that is the easiest way to find what you're looking for :)

latest updates posted -
8/30 - Tarnished (seaQuest)
8/27- More Than A Memory (Terra Nova)

Legal B.S.:
-- Star Trek and its canon details belong to Paramount/CBS and Gene Roddenberry.
-- Andromeda belongs to Gene Roddenberry and Tribune Entertainment.
-- The Night World and its familiar names belong to Lisa Jane (L.J.) Smith.
-- General Hospital/All My Children belong to ABC.
-- Harry Potter and the Potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling.
-- seaQuest DSV belongs to Rockne O'Bannon, Amblin and NBC.
-- Terra Nova belongs to Spielberg, Kelly Marcel and FOX.

I do not claim any of the above, obviously. however, there WILL be some elements of my own and I will point said elements out. if you write in these fandoms and want to borrow anything of mine, ASK FIRST. depending on what it is I probly won't mind lending it/them out.

also--any possible adult content will be hidden behind an lj-cut complete with warning. if you are under legal age in your country to be reading such content, you go there at your own risk.

(and because it apparently has to be said....)

ATTENTION PARENTS--if you are reading this, DO NOT send me hate mail if your children do not adhere to posted ratings and warnings. your precious children aren't my responsibility--they're yours. [thank you, Audra--wherever you are, for this last line.]
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